Agent Orange

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Kategori : Hybrid

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Prisklass : SEK (KR.) 1828.13 - SEK (KR.) 14062.4

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Pris : SEK (KR.) 1828.13

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A powerful blend of Sativa effects is delivered by the Sativa-dominant hybrid Agent Orange , which is distinguished by its orange and peppery taste. New users should be advised that this strain's cerebral effects have been described as 'almost psychedelic'. The normal experience is an intense euphoria, which elevates the user's mood and causes a strong fuzzy dissociation from reality.

Users of this strain may also notice a slight numbing effect in addition to the happy feeling. Although snacks do not need to be on hand due to the energy from the seeds of the Agent Orange strain , users should be ready for a powerful attack on cravings. This type of "trippyness" wears off within about 20 to 40 minutes after it first appears, making it a wonderful choice for getting out and running errands.

Agent orange strain effects

This strain works well in the morning or during the day. Agent Orange strain is often used by people seeking relief from stress, anxiety and despair. The Agent Orange strain has been useful for people controlling minor, infrequent discomforts, although it is not recommended for anything beyond minor aches and pains. Patients suffering from fatigue and recurrent migraines have also found it helpful. Buy Agent Orange strain from our website to get all the benefits the strain has to offer.

TGA Subcool Seeds came up with the concept of the Agent Orange strain. They bred the Orange Skunk neighborhood with Space Queen and Jack's Cleaner. Although the plant can grow up to 10 feet tall when planted outdoors, it is recommended to grow Agent Orange indoors and top and train it into a shrub. Probably the Agent Orange strain is a high yield strain. The last two weeks of flowering is when the plants will fully produce their yield. The duration of flowering is 55 to 65 days. So contact us to buy cannabis online at Utopia Med Apotek

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