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Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Blue Dream, also known as Azure Haze, is a strong hybrid of the ever popular classic strains Blueberry and Haze. It's a mysterious, slightly sativa-dominant strain. It's not just dreamy because of its amazing taste and lively, cerebral high; many also believe that its origin must have been a dream, therefore its history has been practically erased from the books.

The Blue Dream strain of marijuana first gained recognition in the medical industry. This heavenly bud offers more than just pleasing looks and taste due to its moderately high THC range , averaging between 17% and 24%. The Blue Dream strain is used to treat a wide range of ailments as its CBD and CBN concentrations are 2% and 1% respectively. Long after the smoke has settled, the mouth-watering aromas of sugar and blueberry linger on the tongue. The nuggets have many milky white trichomes and are tall and bushy. They are light green with deep blue undertones.

Effects of Blue Dream Strain

Enjoy Blue Dream exertion during any busy schedule because it starts with a cerebral boost that inspires and improves focus.

You enter a very relaxed state that makes you drowsy and completely at ease as the high grows stronger. This meditative high pairs well with afternoons spent painting, having in-depth chats with friends, or winding down your work day. It helps you escape your thoughts and find your rhythm.

It is not recommended for users with anxiety issues to use this strain as it has a tendency to take hold quickly and can aggravate pre-existing conditions. However, due to its potency, it is well known to help people who have chronic fatigue, depression and loss of appetite.

Because Blue Dream is primarily a stimulant strain, marijuana will lift your mood and stimulate your body.

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Its awesome

- test - on 2022-08-19 10:47:40

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