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Kategori : Hybrid

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Prisklass : SEK (KR.) 1875.02 - SEK (KR.) 15845.9

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Pris : SEK (KR.) 1875.02

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Gelato strains are a hybrid created by crossing the fruity indica Sunset Sherbert with the flavor-crafted parent Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is great for social use as it has a well-balanced, smooth high and an all-around tasty flavor profile. In honor of the iconic player's jersey number, phenotype #33 of the Gelato flavor has been named Larry Bird by San Francisco-based inventors Cookie Fam Genetics . This strain's THC content ranges from 20% to 25% and gives an indication that leans high.

Although the buds of Gelato strains of marijuana are often small, they have the thick and dense structure typical of many indica strains. Bright orange pistils stand out against forest green foliage highlighted by deep purple hues in this strain, which has an instantly appealing appearance.

When cold weather stimulates large concentrations of anthocyanin pigments in the vegetative stage, purple hues occur. Although the buds themselves are sticky, this strain looks less frosty than many others because the trichomes have short stalks. Gelato's fruity parent strain Sunset Sherbert gives a robust citrus aroma to its flowers when properly dried. There are also elements of yeast and dough.

Effects of gelato strains

Gelato strains are known to affect consumers quickly, sometimes taking effect before they've even had a chance to exhale. The most notable result is a shift in perspective that causes smokers to adapt to their newly refined environment. This brain rush is followed by a palpable body buzz that makes it difficult to do anything, but still keeps users moving and off the couch. Some people claim that Gelato has psychedelic effects including time dilation and increased hearing sensitivity.

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