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The first Western Slope Cannabis Crown was won by the Indica-dominant hybrid Kandy Kush in Aspen, Colorado. It is a tall, slender plant with broad sticky buds that smell sweetly of lemon. The high from this strain begins with powerful cerebral effects that almost instantly improve mood by releasing dopamine. A heavy, lethargic body high quickly follows this happiness. Because it often increases appetite and gives users the "munchies," the Kandy Kush strain is a major stressor for people with eating disorders and nausea.

The Kandy Kush strain is usually administered in the evening and is best used to combat insomnia and promote relaxation. Some people find the strain's Indica effects beneficial for managing anxiety and mood problems, and they can relieve mild to severe chronic aches and pains.

OG Kush (Indica) and Trainwreck (Sativa) were crossed to create the original Kandy Kush seeds , which were created by DNA Genetics (Sativa). But Rocky Mountain Remedies, Northwestern Colorado's first licensed marijuana store, grew the variety of this strain that won The Western Slope Cannabis Crown .

To get the best possible yield from Kandy Kush seeds, you don't need to give them non-stop attention. Hash fans will be over the moon with this plant's ability to produce amazing resin. Kandy kush strain is suitable for cooler areas and is also mold resistant.

Kandy Kush has recorded yields of up to 500 grams per square meter, flowers in nine to ten weeks, and can be grown both indoors and outdoors (or 1,000 watts).

The taste is candy-sweet and has a potent lemon-Kush aroma, as the name would suggest. Kandy Kush, a favorite among medical growers, offers a strong body high and noticeable pain relief

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