Jedi Kush (Cali Connection)

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Jedi Kush is an indica strain that will awaken your inner psychic knight. Cali Connections, who also created Deadhead OG and Alien OG, crossed the potent indica Death Star with SFV OG Kush to create this strain. Despite having indica genetics, it offers a rich, multi-layered high that isn't overpowering.

Jedi Kush is sure to add a giddy new dimension to your day, although it won't give you the ability to control people's minds. The Jedi Kush strain is extremely potent for cannabis and veterans alike, with Analytical 360's cannabis testing lab often finding samples of Jedi Kush to be between 15% and as much as 30% THC.

With its hefty medium to large flowers, the Jedi Kush weed strain immediately declares its bag appeal. These nuggets have an almost conical shape, tapering from a broad base to a point at the tip. They stick together in the typically thick, dense bud structure of an indica.

Dark forest green in colour, the leaves are tightly curved inwards towards the stems in the centre. Curly orange hairs that are actually pistils, a structure made to collect pollen from fertilizing male plants, twist between the leaves. Due to the abundance of hazy white trichomes that cover every surface, these flowers have a snowy appearance, which also explains their psychoactivity.

Jedi Kush effects

Jedi Kush produces a slow building high. Until a few minutes after enjoying its complex flavor combination, smokers may not notice a gradual distortion of their sensory perception. A strong sense of time dilation and potential for new dimensions in sounds and sights are other things mentioned by users. Once consumers get used to it, they can point this high in any direction.

However , Jedi Kush seeds are ideal for daydreaming while dozing and sleeping and taking in the scenery. In addition to these cerebral sensations, a light, tingling bodily high gives users a boost of motivation and energy.

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