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Skywalker strain is considered moist and potent. Skywalker strain is the combination of skywalker and OG Kush. Consuming skywalker strain gives you the feeling of flying in the clouds. That's why it's called the Skywalker Tribe. THC content is very present in and skywalker strain . This is not recommended for the beginner.

Skywalker tribe brings fresh earthy vibes. It also has a herbal aroma in it. The taste of the skywalker strain is sweet, spicy and earthy, with some citrus mixed in.

Common Skywalker Clan influence

Skywalker is considered one of the great indicas . The moment you consume skywalker strain, you will feel like you are flying amidst the clouds. This strain is known to make you feel relaxed and happy. Skywalker euphoria sets in very quickly. The chance of falling asleep is very high when consuming skywalker strain. One of the effects of Skywalker is to get different images, not scary but funny. Consuming too much can sometimes cause side effects. These are some of the s kywalker load effects a person feels after consuming.

Biological benefits of skywalker strain

Skywalker tribe helps you relax. The Skywalker strain plays an important role in reducing stress. Skywalker strain also works as a pain reliever. It reduces pain and aches in the body. Regular use of this strain helps reduce migraines, muscle spasms, pains and cramps.

After eating, you may feel warm and fuzzy, which helps people suffering from depression. Skywalker can make you feel sleepy, which helps patients suffering from insomnia. People who have lost their appetite can regain it by consuming the skywalker strain. These are some of the medical benefits of skywalker og strain.

Ways to Cultivate Skywalker Tribe

You can easily grow skywalker strain if you have proper seeds. The Skywalker strain grows best outdoors. They grow easily in a dry and sunny atmosphere. They also need so much room for growth because they are stretchy. The best time for harvesting is the last week of October.

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